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SCCA Enterprises - The company who sells the cars I race. Look under the Formula Enterprises pages for more information about the car.

ApexSpeed - Find used cars for sale and get answers to your questions about the car.

SCCA - The Sports Car Club of America, who puts on the races in which I compete. They also put on autocrosses, which is a great way to get started in car driving competition with minimal risk. I started autocrossing in 1992 in a Ford Mustang, and still enjoy it when I have the chance.

Washington DC Region SCCA - The local chapter of SCCA where I got my start road racing.

Hagerman RacEngineering - The local customer service rep for SCCA Enterprises. They provide parts and excellent service for the Formula Enterprises and Spec Racer cars.

Comprent Motor Sports - Kevin is the expert on the transmissions in these cars, and a great guy to work with. He and his employees provide parts and excellent service for the Formula Enterprises cars.

Alliance Autosport - Another great team to work with, they bring the most parts for the cars to every race. Home of most of the national championships that have ever been awarded for these cars - Scott is super fast!

Mazda - The car manufacturer who best supports amateur racing. They've given me great support for many seasons.

Ford - Manufacturer of many fine vehicles such as the Mustang, my favorite car - I've owned 7 so far. They've also given me great support.

Family Offroad Riders of Prince William County - If you're looking for where to ride your dirt bike or ATV in Northern Virginia, this club is your best option.

Tomahawk MX - A great place to ride your motocross bike. They have a nice track, and a fun woods loop that gets pretty rocky in some parts.

Wicomico Motorsport Park - A good riding option particularly for less experienced riders, though it has parts that are challenging for good riders as well. Has a long, fairly open woods loop. The track gets really messy if it rains, and it's a bit pricey, but it is a lot of fun. It's my son's favorite local riding area.

Budds Creek Motocross Park - If you're looking for a professional motocross track, this is it. It's the best maintained local track, often offering your money back if your boots get muddy.

Battery Park Offroad - If you get to South Carolina, this is my favorite riding area. Lots of trails in the woods, and 3 fun tracks. Very affordable also. It's in the middle of nowhere, my Verizon cell phone didn't work out there, but my AT&T phone does.