2010 FE NEDIV Champion!

In 2010 I won the NEDIV SCCA FE Championship for the third time in four years. Thanks to my wife Michelle, Hoosier Tire, SCCA Enterprises, and Hagerman RacEngineering for their support. Over 7 races I won 3, finished 2nd twice, and 3rd twice.

Watkins Glen National July 2010

This year was a double National with a large turnout. I turned my best time ever in qualifying- 1:56:8, but it was only good enough to start second for the first race. Part way through the race it became very difficult to shift- taking probably 50 lbs of force just to move the lever. It slowed me but I was able to maintain second place. A new shift cable from Robinson Motorsports solved the problem. Considering the issues some people had with the original cables, I'm pretty happy mine lasted 7 years.

For the second race I qualified on pole. Steve Zamborsky and I had a great duel for many laps, but late in the race I watched him spin through turn 11 in my mirrors. That took the pressure off and I was happy to cruise the rest of the way for the win.

NJMP Thunderbolt - Jersey Devil National June 2010

The whole family went to Thunderbolt this year in the big RV, even the dogs. I qualified on pole by over a second, and thought I had the field covered. I had been chasing a loose condition every session and was considerably slower than the track record I set last year. The 3 race old tires were just giving up, starting with the rears. A strong start had me several seconds in front of second place Steve Zamborsky for most of the race. When I caught Keith to lap him, I didn't get by cleanly and Steve got right up on me. Next lap he got by going into turn 1, and for the last 3 laps I just couldn't get enough drive off the turns to be in a position to pass him back. Steve ended up with his first win, and it was well earned! I ended up second.

Nelson Ledges National May 2010

Put the car on the pole and won. Went about the same speed as my last trip there.

Lime Rock National May 2010

First trip in the new to us RV. Put the car on the pole and won, though I was slower than the last time we went up. Lost a tire in the RV on the way back, then lost one on the trailer.

VIR National April 2010

Installed the new swaybar and started chasing the handling. The car was way too loose to start, and was decent by the third session. A young kid named Sean Rayhall was on the pole for both races, and you'll be hearing about him a lot in the future I'm sure. He looks to have a promising future as a professional race driver. He won both races easily, while I finished third in both races.